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Market Analysis
Market Analysis


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  • Innovation Creative Industries

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  • Small Island Developing States

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  • New & Traditional Media

  • Banking & Finance

  • Health Care & Pharmaceutics

  • Waste Management & Recycling

  • Business Service Organizations

  • Tourism & Real Estate

  • Heritage & Sports

  • Alcoholic Beverages & Tobacco


Core Strengths
News & Publications

'Key Success Indicators for Competitiveness in the 21st Century' is a workshop, masterclass or presentation based on our World Economic Forum's Global Competitiveness Index Study for Curacao. Audiences have included the Ministry of Economic Development in Curacao, The Grenada Chamber of Commerce & Industry, the Curacao International Financial Association, the Dutch Caribbean Economists Platform and many more.

Order your copy of Reaching Curacao 2017-2018, the study about lifestyles, habits, spending and usage of traditional and digital media by the Curacao consumer that allows organizations make better marketing planning and budgeting decisions, thereby increasing their ‘return on marketing’ and competitiveness. Many advertisers, locally and abroad have benefited from the information presented. Please contact us via tlacruz@markstra.com or +5999 767-3085.  

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T: +5999 767-3085

S: tamiralacruz

E: tlacruz at markstra.com


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Our export coaching services are now subsidized through RVO.nl for firms based in the Kingdom of the Netherlands and wanting to export outside of the Kingdom. We focus on tourism, professional services and the creative industries.

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