Curacao Competes Masterclasses

Workshops and Highlights


Our masterclasses and workshops are targeted to middle and higher management. They are all directly based on the competitiveness indicators in the Global Competitiveness Survey and tied to our specific areas of expertise and experience in the Caribbean. So you can be assured that we are not just repeating something we recently read in a book.


The workshops last 3 hours and the highlights, targeted to the busy executive, last 30-60 minutes.



About Competitiveness

  • Background on World Economic Forum, Global Competitiveness Index (GCI) and Michael Porter (author of Competitive Advantage of Nations) and his work in the Caribbean

  • Does your country or firm need to be ‘cheap’ to be competitive? Brief overview of this year’s results in the Global Competitiveness Index

  • What any firm can do to increase competitiveness  and productivity regardless of government policies

  • What your international competitors are focusing on. Brief overview of programs in other countries especially EU and Caribbean

Our expertise: Micro economist, business strategist and researcher of Global Competitiveness Survey Curacao



Market Orientation

  • Marketing for non-marketers

  • Finance for marketers

  • Growth Strategies

Our expertise:  Degrees in Business Administration, including an MBA from The Wharton School, multiple post-graduate courses in ‘Return on Marketing’, Branding, online marketing, etc., as well as  20+ years experience in marketing in the Caribbean



Using Research to increase revenue or reduce cost

  • The fundamentals of ‘good’ research in a small market

  • Which type of research to use when and by whom?

  • Research to do internally

Our expertise: Lecturer basic and intermediate Market Research at University of the Netherlands Antilles (now University of Curacao) and 20 years experience as market researcher for global and local firms across the Caribbean



Business Development for Professionals (Service Providers)

  • The basics

  • Company and personal branding

  • 5-7 Strategies to increase revenue streams

Expertise: Marketer, Institute of Managmenet Consulting Business Development, Caribbean Symposium on Management Consulting



Business and Work Ethics

  • Quizzes to determine your ethical style and level

  • Steps and tools to recognize  and resolve  ethical dilemmas,

  • Cases on work related ethical issues: performance appraisals, contractors, customers, confidentiality, company and intellectual property.

  • Basics of a company code of ethics

Our Expertise: Lecturer Business Ethics at the University of Netherlands Antilles (now University of Curacao)



Basics of Conflict Resolution

  • Why conflicts arise and how to prevent them

  • Practical tools for the mediator 

  • Practical tools if you are the one involved in the conflict

Our expertise:  Extensive research on Peace & Conflict Resolution  as part of Rotary Club Curacao project on Conflict Resolution

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