Workshops and coaching for

Professional Service Providers


Workshop 1: Opportunities in Development

The reconstruction of our Caribbean after the hurricanes of 2017 is about to start. Several billion dollars are involved. In addition, the world is moving steadfast towards obtaining the UNSDG and Paris Agreement on Climate Action. The need for professional service providers that are export-ready is high. Take the test to see how ready you are and request a workshop, masterclass or coaching.

Content overview

1. Overview of the opportunities and demand in reconstruction and development regionally and worldwide

2. Key Indicators for export readiness for professional service providers, particularly management consultants. This in order to meet the demand.

3. How the market works: fees, rules, expectations, etc.

4. Formulating your profile for optimal match to opportunities

5. Generating leads and staying visible to international prospects

6. Developing next steps to enter the marketg

Workshop 2: Marketing for Professional Service Providers

Providers of professional services often have an innate unwillingness to sell their services. The goal of this session is to address that unwillingness and to convince them that there are many subtle selling/business development tools that they can use.

Content overview

1. The basics of professional services marketing: business cards, social media, articles, thought leadership, etc.

2. Diversifying your revenue streams in consulting 

A discussion of 5-7 strategies to increase revenue streams, up-sell, cross-sell and enter new markets. After the session participants will be able to choose a few strategies that are within their (company’s) reach to implement

3. Company and/or personal branding  

Most of your local or international colleagues have similar subject-matter knowledge as you do and can comply with ‘the basics’. How do you or your company distinguish yourselves locally and internationally? By branding. That means emphasizing those intangible aspects that are valuable to the client (i.e. he will pay for them) and which you are better at than your colleagues.

After the session participants will know two or three words to brand themselves and/or their companies, distinguishing themselves effectively from local and international competitors.

4. Next steps

An overview of simple next steps and local and international resources to accomplish them.

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